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Sqoop Import


Hi Team,

How to use --jar-file argument with Sqoop command? Here which jar file should i used to import SQL data into HIVE?


Re: Sqoop Import


Here's an example from sqoop user guide

sqoop import --table SomeTable --jar-file mydatatypes.jar \    
 --class-name SomeTableType

Re: Sqoop Import

New Contributor

Can we use sub query in sqoop script, i'm not able to execute my query

Can anyone helpout here

here is the query

sqoop -- import --driver --connection-manager "org.apache.sqoop.manager.GenericJdbcManager" --fetch-size 10000 --connect "jdbc:sap://" --username test --query "select * from L_ON00_R.EKPO where \$CONDITIONS SLTTIMESTAMP <= (select max(SLTTIMESTAMP) from L_ON00_R.EKPO where \$CONDITIONS SLTTIMESTAMP <= (select ADD_SECONDS(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,-100) from dummy))" --hbase-create-table -hbase-create-table -hbase-table "/mapr/MapRDev/data/edw/LandingZone/ONE400/EKPO" --hbase-row-key MANDT,EBELP,SLTTIMESTAMP --column-family CF1 --incremental append --check-column SLTTIMESTAMP --last-value 1 --hive-drop-import-delims --split-by VBELN --m 8