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Sqoop: Incremental loads in Hive without a timestamp


Hello guys,


 Based on your help, I was able to create incremental loads in sqoop using Hive as a target database.


I use the lastmodified option of sqoop:

--incremental lastmodified


Unfortunately, the --incremental append mode doesn't work with Hive:

Append mode for imports is not compatible with HCatalog. Please remove the parameter--append-mode


We've found some source tables in SQL Server which don't have a datetime column, this situation prevents us to do incremental loads with sqoop.


Is there an alternative way to do incremental loads with those tables that don't have a datetime column? We cannot modify the source tables.





@Heri  Suggestion is to use triggers and create new table with the timestamp field and run the sqoop incremental job on the newly created table.

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