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Sqoop data export to DB2 - Blob and Volume


Couple of questions,

1. Is it possible to export binary to a blob column in DB2 using Sqoop? I tried with blob export with MySql and looks like its not supported.

2. Export Volume

2.1. Is there any limit on the maximum volume of data to be exported to DB2 using sqoop?

2.2. What is the recommended volume for export?

2.3. Is 2-3 TB a reasonable volume for export?



RDBMS to RDBMS with sqoop? There are better suited apps for that than sqoop. Export limit to DB2 is dependent on your RDBMS not on sqoop, better ask your DBAs, you can certainly impact performance and stability if you of overestimate.


@Artem Ervits Sorry forgot to mention that its an export from HDFS. Its not RDBMS to RDBMS. Lets say i have data either in AVRO or ORC format which contains a binary field/column. I want to export this to a table (binary to blob) in DB2. In this regard, i had two questions. On the volume, you answered....thanks. Does Sqoop support binary export (i think the only option to export binary to a table is blob column)?


I'm not familiar with that option, luckily there are a lot of experts here who may be. Great question, hope to see some examples.