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Sqoop hive import as parquetfile

When we are importing to the hive table using sqoop from sqlserver as parquetfile, the map reduce job doesnot succeed/ finish. It stays on the accepted state. waiting for AM container to be allocated, launched and register with RM. Below is the command that we are running.

sqoop import --connect "jdbc:sqlserver://servername;database=dbName" --username AAA --password 'BBB' --table tbl_Name --split-by id --hive-import --hive-table tblName --hive-database abc --as-parquetfile


Re: Sqoop hive import as parquetfile


Can you pin point this issue to --as-parquetfile? Try using a text file import and see if its work. Please also run with --verbose and post the logs. This could be unrelated to --as-parquetfile and mostly to do with container size that your sqoop job is requesting yarn.

Re: Sqoop hive import as parquetfile

@Ravi MutyalaIf I am not using --as-parquetfile argument, this command works fine. So I assume this is something to do with importing as a parquetfile.

Re: Sqoop hive import as parquetfile

Can anyone help on this. Not able to import the data using Sqoop as a parquetfile.