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Sqoop import data to hive and hdfs


Can we import data with sqoop into hdfs and hive?
I have try it with two different user (root and admin)
Below the command between root and admin


sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql:// --username pbd -P --table posts --hive-import --hive-database test_root --hive-table posts1 --hive-drop-import-delims --null-string '\\N' --null-non-string '\\N' --target-dir test_hive_root/2


sqoop import --connect jdbc:mysql:// --username pbd -P --table posts --hive-import --hive-database test_admin --hive-table posts1 --hive-drop-import-delims --null-string '\\N' --null-non-string '\\N' --target-dir test_hive_admin/2

It returns

Both ways successful import data to hive but both fail import to HDFS.

For root, it don't create directory that I've defined "test_hive_root/2"

For admin, it's just create directory "test_hive_admin/2" but only "success" file that have been created not the data (usually when I import it to HDFS, it will create "success" file and 4 more file)

How I can solve this problem?
Can sqoop import to HDFS and Hive?


I have never used it to do both at the same time and says "HDFS or Hive". Good luck and happy Hadooping!


@muhammad hanif fahyuananto

I think your --target-dir test_hive_admin/2 should be --target-dir /test_hive_admin/2 note the slash assuming you have a hdfs directory /test_hive_admin/2 with the correct permissions and ownership.

Please revert

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