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Sqoop import error reading from oracle table

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I am running a sqoop command to import data from Oracle table. I get the below mentioned error message. There is not much information from the error message to help me debug further, so would like to know what causes this error and things to check for. If you can provide sample commands that will be very helpful. Thanks!


CDH version :  CDH-7.1.5

Sqoop command:

sqoop import --connect connstring --username uname --password pwd --table T1 --target-dir hdfs://nameservice1/l/mydir/raw/clinevent -m 4 --as-parquetfile --check-column UPDT_DT_TM --incremental lastmodified --last-value '2020-12-1 16:00:09'



ERROR tool.ImportTool: Import failed: Invalid decimal scale: -127 (must be positive)