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Sqoop import/export hive vs hcatalog

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while importing tables from mysql to hive using sqoop you can import using hive-import argument as well as hcatalog-table argument. I am bit confuse about how to select between hive and hcatalog option as both imports to hive database tables.

Is there any specific condition to use --hive-import and --hcatalog-table arguments to import using sqoop ?

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Actually the hive commands should result mainly in hcatalog commands for most table operation. I only found this hint:

HCatalog supports all Hive Data Definition Language except those operations that require running a MapReduce job. For commands that are supported, any variances are noted below.

Taken from

I have not checked if there is any difference in performance, but I doubt it would be significant.

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@Harald Berghoff

My confusion is hcat points to the hive metastore only. so is there any difference between using --hive-import or --hcat-table to import to hive table ?

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