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Sqoop import 'possible' tables

Sqoop import 'possible' tables

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HDP- installed using Ambari

I have more than 15 sql server db schema to be imported, each containing more 60 tables.

I checked the existing threads like this and this but I am a bit unclear about how to proceed, maybe there are better ways to do the import which I am unaware of. If I launch 4-5 Sqoop imports simult., this will trigger concurrent MR jobs, is there a way to let Sqoop/Hadoop handle the asynchronous execution of the Sqoop scripts ?

If I consider the Sqoop documentation about importing all tables , the following scenarios exist :

  • Not ALL tables have PKs
  • Some tables have a varchar PK
  • Most of the tables have composite PK

What is the fastest way to import these large schema(s) ?


Re: Sqoop import 'possible' tables

@Kaliyug Antagonist

You can try using sqoop import-all-tables with --autoreset-to-one-mapper and check if it helps.


Re: Sqoop import 'possible' tables

Hi, what if you want to import from multiple tables using joins? so basically if i have three tables from different schemas and i want to query all three and import into HIVE using sqoop. Is this possible?

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