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Sqoop using column label instead of column name

Sqoop using column label instead of column name

New Contributor

There is a bug in Apache sqoop as mentioned in the below link. As the column label is first evaluated, so the column name is ignored. By this when we are using generic driver (not using any connection manager), the sqoop import is failing saying column not found.

I am finding the same type of issue in Hortonworks as well, is there a chance of patch on this?

Steps to produce the Error:-

In Teradata create a table having TITLE. But use different name for TITLE (it should not be same as column name).

Try a sqoop import without using connection manager, so that it will go for the generic JDBC connection.

Then you can see the error as the "Column not found". Because the JAVA program first evaluating the TITLE NAME then column name. So it is thinking the TITLE NAME as column name and when querying it is failing.

I can understand, this error will not happen if Teradata connection manager is used, but how can we solve it without using the Teradata connection manager.

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