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Sqoop2 error in Hue

Sqoop2 error in Hue


I am trying create a new Sqoop2 transfer job using hue.

While creating a link with SQL Server details, I am getting error (could not create link).


I could able to run the sqoop job from command pompt with same details.

I have placed sqljdbc42.jar driver in /var/lib/sqoop as well as /var/lib/sqoop2

I am using Sqoop 1.4.5-cdh5.3.3 version


Please suggest the solution.



Re: Sqoop2 error in Hue

Super Collaborator

Did you restart the sqoop2 service after placing the jdbc driver jar file on the host ?


Appart from that I can only guess it could comes from :

- a faulty information (mostly the JDBC URL that can be tricky) ?

- or a connectivity issue with the database ? Can you ping the database server ?


Did you check the sqoop2 server logs ?

Re: Sqoop2 error in Hue


Yes, I restarted Sqoop2 as well as Hue services.

Database is up, I can import the data using sqoop import from CLI.