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SquirrelSql Connection


SquirrelSql Connection

on trying to install SquirrelSql, i am facing certain issues. When trying to add connection in the aliases tab , I have provided url of one of the hosts in our cluster and provided username and password of one of the technical users. when i test the connection , i get something like this:

test connection: Access denied for user 'ta50001q'@'nlvhpraab01805.solon.prd' (using password: YES) class java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user 'ta50001q'@'nlvhpraab01805.solon.prd' (using password: YES)

is it because the connection cannot be done between my localhost and the cluster this way.?

also, if i provide the localhost connection, i need a username and password without which I wont be able to connect successfully. Is there any default value for username and password that i can use ?

Can anyone help me out here with regards to both the cases mentioned above?


Re: SquirrelSql Connection

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@Mrinmoy Choudhury

You need to provide address of your Hive Server2. Before that you need to setup Hive JDBC driver in your squirrel (simply drop jar file in your lib folder and restart squirrel).

Then you will provide hive server2 jdbc connection url when creating a new alias.


username/password may or may not be required depending on your security settings. If you haven't enabled Kerberos/Ranger then leave username/password blank and click test connection.

Now, that being said, its much easier to simply use Hive views then squirrel. Why not just use Hive Views in Ambari?

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