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Storage Acceptance Test fails on bare Metal

New Contributor

Hi all,

when you run your CDP Private Cloud on none local storage Cloudera recommends doing its Storage Acceptance Test:


These tests are based on the following code on github:

I installed Cloudera CDP private Cloud on our Cloud Platform (Openstack) and made various Test (Microbenchmark Tests) with local and none locale Storage. 

So far I have done the tests only for the worker nodes.


But even with local storage some of the tests failed.

Finally I made the tests on bare metal servers with local disks.

Also here some of the tests failed


1) On bare servers with local disks and VMs with local disks the result was:


  • Seqread and seqwrite succeeded.
  • Randrw failed


FAIL[ READ_LATENCY_99>200 WRITE_LATENCY_99>200 READ_LATENCY_MEDIAN>50 WRITE_LATENCY_MEDIAN>50],, results/randrw_async_32k_worker.json,, randrw, /data/disk1/fio, 52.6909, 308.2813, 841.8264, 8975, 280.491663, 212.8609, 876.6095, 2534.0043, 8941, 279.419355



2) On VMs with none local disk the result was:


  • Seqread and seqwrite failed.
  • Randrw failed


FAIL[ WRITE_LATENCY_99>200],, results/randrw_async_32k_worker.json, rand_rw.data1, randrw, /data1/fio, 3.1293, 44.8266, 680.2252, 63828, 1994.643405, 4.5547, 541.0652, 680.8039, 63755, 1992.366768
FAIL[ READ_LATENCY_99>200],, results/seqread_async_32k_worker.json, seq_reader.data1, read, /data1/fio, 2.8344, 725.6145, 779.9714, 128147, 4004.606621, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
FAIL[ WRITE_LATENCY_99>200],, results/seqwrite_async_32k_worker.json, seq_writer.data1, write, /data1/fio, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 2.8672, 692.0601, 795.1779, 128241, 4007.548978


Because of the fact that tests also failed on bare metal with local disks I have some doubts about this acceptance tests.

Who has ever successfully run these tests ?


Thanks in advance



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