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Storing HL7 v2 messsage

Storing HL7 v2 messsage

New Contributor

I want to store Hl7 v2 messages in a such way that i can query based on  OBX-3 (Identifier normally mdc code ) and it should return OBX-5 along with  other OBX fields and also OBR fields.

I am getting around 200 gb of ORU_R01, ORU_R40, ADT messages, Lab and Examination message.Here Only ORU_R01 is query able based on OBX-3 which in my case has MDC codes.

I am planning to store patient wise.


I have explored some option like Apache Hive/parquet, postgresql and Graphdb.

Could please Whats is the best way to store it.