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Storm architecture for real time auction

Storm architecture for real time auction



Can anyone provide me with some details about how to build an architecture for real time auctions from just two sources. I'm looking for ideas that could be considered if implementing a solution of this type.

From either source (web or telephone) I could have bids for many items from multiple users at various times.

My initial design has the following components:

2 streams for reading the data from the two sources (telephone, web). For now I'm not going to worry about how the info from the telephone line makes it into my storm architecture.

N bolts for grouping the bids based upon the item ID, streams are partitioned based upon itemID

N bolts to order the bids based upon time, newest bid is processed first

N bolts to update the bid amount for each item based on some logic (current bid = x, if newbid > current bid then current bid = newbid)

I'm assuming I don't need an external time source (NTP server) to allow for count down for expiration such as ebay but the auction is more like a Sootheby's where the auction just runs until there are no more bids.

I'm new to storm and also to programming so any tips/pointers would be greatly appreicated.


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