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Storm cluster nimbus Leader not found issue

Storm cluster nimbus Leader not found issue

New Contributor

I have tried almost every possible solution in order to fix this issue available on web so far. But unable to add topology from my server to the Storm. I get this error message while I try to connect to Nimbus Seeds from my microservice.


Exception in thread "main" org.apache.storm.utils.NimbusLeaderNotFoundException: Could not find leader nimbus from seed hosts ["" "" ""]. Did you specify a valid list of nimbus hosts for config nimbus.seeds? at org.apache.storm.utils.NimbusClient.getConfiguredClientAs(


Can someone help please. Following is my storm.yml conf:



- ""

- ""

- ""

nimbus.seeds: ["", "", ""] #nimbus.thrift.port: 6667

drpc.port: 3772

drpc.invocations.port: 3773


Storm GUI shows the conf are accurate, but still app doesn't find the Leader.

All configuration under Ambari Cluster are accurate.

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