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Storm /usr/hdp/current/storm-supervisor/contrib/storm-jmxetric/lib/jmxetric-1.0.4.jar missing in HDP 2.6.3



This bug is similar to this one. (

I installed HDP 2.6.3 and nimbus won't start since the file


in missing. I checked the rpm :


and is seems the directory


(and file included files) is missing.


When using HDP 2.6.2 I get this :

rpm -qf /usr/hdp/

Which means the jar file comes with the storm rpm.

So I guess this looks like a packaging error in HDP 2.6.3 ?

Kind regards

Manfred PAUL


Super Mentor

@Manfred PAUL

This seems to be related to the bug:

Workaround can be to manually copy "/usr/hdp/current/storm-nimbus/contrib/storm-jmxetric/lib" folder from other Storm nodes.


Also which version of ambari are you using?



since I installed a cluster from scatch, I do not have this jar anywhere (except the old clusters using hdp 2.6.2 or 2.2.9). So I removed the non working parameters from the config.

Question : is this code needed for ambari metrics to work correctly ? In my case this won't cause any problems since I do not use ambari-metrics.


Super Mentor

@Manfred PAUL

As the version of JAR "jmxetric-1.0.4.jar" is same (1.0,4), So i guess you can copy it from your Old HDP install (means HDP 2.6.2) as well.

This Jar is not related to Ambari Metrics Collector. AMS comes from Ambari repo. Where as this Jar should come from HDP repo.

@Manfred PAUL,

Attaching the jar file. You can extract the jar and put it in the folder



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