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Streaming MutatorCoordinator complex column

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i'm newbie with Hadoop and Hive. I'm using Hive 2.3.0 and i'm working to build ingestion data from Kafka Stream to Hadhoop.

I have create a very simple table

CREATE TABLE test(id int, tipo string,name string, consumo double,attributes map<String,String>) PARTITIONED BY (orgid string, endpoint string ) clustered by (id) into 4 buckets  STORED as ORC tblproperties ("transactional"="true");

and i have started to build some queries, and all works fine. And it works fine also via jdbc:hive2 driver

INSERT INTO rse8 PARTITION (orgid = '888', endpoint='55') select 9,'VASCA','MOD',50,map('MARCA','SAMSUNG','CLASSE','A');

but i understand that i not suggest to use jdbc with kafka stream/storm and so. Then after 3 days i'm starting to use

//org.apache.hive.hcatalog.streaming.mutate.worker MutatorCoordinator 
MutatorCoordinator coordinator.....

coordinator.insert(part, new MutableRecord(updated.getObjectid(), updated.getParentID(), 20));

My problem now how i can do with complex type (map in my table example)?

| | noemi.tipo | | noemi.consumo | noemi.attributes | noemi.orgid | noemi.endpoint |
| NULL | 25000/1/2 | 25000 | 20.0 | NULL | flexvalley | prova |

the primitive data works but I don't understand why:

  1. my id is always null, i dont' understand very well RecordIdentifier maybe 😞
  2. how to send "maps" over coordinator?

I have no found much info (i have used hive test class to learn more) about this

Thank you in advance... it's very urgent for me i hope that you can help me how to fix.



my mutableRecord class is:

public class MutableRecord {    // Column 0

      public final RecordIdentifier id;    // Column 1      public final Text tipo;    // Column 2     dd public final Text name;    // Column 3        public final double consumo;    // Column 4       private final java.util.Map<String,String>  maps =new HashMap();    public MutableRecord(String tipo, String name, double consumo) {        this.tipo = new Text(tipo); = new Text(name);        this.consumo = consumo;        this.maps.put("xxx","xxx");        id=new RecordIdentifier();        id.setRowId(0);    }}


Did you find a solution for this?