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Struggling to secure NiFi with Ranger

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I am currently in the process of setting up security with NiFi using Ranger. I first followed this article to set up secure NiFi, using a self signed certificate. This is working fine, and with this certificate I can access NiFi as the admin user. Following that, I have followed this article as a follow up to secure NiFi using Ranger.

However, when filling in the details of my NiFi service in Ranger and testing the connection I get the following error:

Unable to retrieve any files using given parameters, You can still save the repository and start creating policies, but you would not be able to use autocomplete for resource names. Check ranger_admin.log for more info.

When checking for more details, I see the following:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: NiFi URL must be a valid URL of the form http(s)://(: )/nifi-api/resources. NiFi URL must be a valid URL of the form http(s)://(: )/nifi-api/resources.

The URL I have supplied matches the URL I use to access NiFi myself. I have pointed the service in Ranger to the keystore, truststore and passwords found in Can anybody advise me on what I have done wrong and how to correct it?


Verify if Nifi certificate is imported into truststore used by ranger admin.

BTW, Test connection failure should only affect the resource lookup functionality, securing access to Nifi resources via Nifi plugin should continue to work as long as the plugin is setup correctly,

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