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Stucked HDP adding host

Stucked HDP adding host


I have an HDP cluster with 2 nodes, we had some problem and 1 host heartbeat was lost without any chance to recover it as the machine failed so we finally re-install Ubuntu and configure it again.

It was impossible to recover the host in ambari (trying to give same FQDN, ip, configuration,...) so I tried to change hostname and add it as a completely new host.

I did get able to complete installation step 2 with 'SUCCESS' status, but it get stucked whith the following message 'Please wait while the hosts are being checked for potential problems...' for hours.

I attach ambari-server log, ambari-agent log ambari registration log and error image.

Do you have some idea about what is happening and how to solve it?







Re: Stucked HDP adding host

New Contributor

No progressions were made to YARN asset setups which is by all accounts the goto for investigating steps. We have a lot of assets distributed to YARN compartments and there is right now no application limits set in unique pool assets.

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