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Support matrix of CDH and other Cloudera products

New Contributor



I want to know support matrix of cloudera products including products other than CDH.


For example, CDSW 1.4.x supports CDH 5.7 or higher, Cloudera Manager (CSD-based) 5.13 or higher, Cloudera Manager (Package-based) 5.11 or higher, and CDS Powered by Apache Spark 2.1.x.


Is there a table or Web page in which the relationships between product versions are summarized? (like support matrix)


Master Guru
We have a consolidated view of product compatibility/support matrix at (the component named sections are what you are after)

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Thank you for your answer.
Can you create a similar page for CDH6?

Master Guru
The release notes area of Cloudera Enterprise 6 documentation carries an
equivalent matrix section: