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Sync Schema registry to another cluster

Sync Schema registry to another cluster

New Contributor

I have my Kafka producer running on cluster A and Kafka consumer running on cluster B.

Both of these have their own kafka clusters and we use MirrorMaker to replicate the messages from A to B.

Both these clusters should be able to operate independently hence I need schema registry on each of these.

Problem is that how do I get the schema that is created on A to be sync'd to B ?

If I add the schema to cluster B using REST API call, then the schema ID will be different on B than it was in A .

From whatever little documentation I could find around serialisation/deserialisation, I understand that the deserialiser on my consumer cluster will try to find the schema matching the ID embedded in the message in kafka topic. This ID will match the ID of the schema in cluster A and will not be equal to the ID of the same schema that I manually added to cluster B.

How do I solve this scenario ?

Is there a way to indicate the deserialiser to find the schema by name and not by ID ?

Also is there a way to mirror or replicate schemas on both clusters ?