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Tableau Desktop - Time Out error with Hive ODBC Driver

Tableau Desktop - Time Out error with Hive ODBC Driver

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I have a tableau workbook data-source created with Hortonworks Hadoop Hive Native connector. This is working fine.


I am now trying to move this to Hive ODBC DSN connection. So, I have created a ODBC DSN and it its testing Successful. I have then edited the connection string in the workbook XML to point to the above DSN. But when I try to open the workbook in tableau Desktop v2018.3, Its Timing Out with a message - "The data source canceled the query because it exceeded the timeout limit. Timeout parsing data sources". But the Hive query is succeeding. Its just that I am getting error in tableau desktop.


Same workbook, If I reduce the number of tables from tableau data model, its working with the ODBC DSN. But with all tables its timing out. Seems like the driver is not able to take the load of the query.


Any suggestions for solving this issue?


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