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Tableau vs LLAP & Non-LLAP Connection Error


  • Run a query on a table e.g. emp in Hive using port: 10,000 i.e. non-llap HiveServer2
  • Connect and pull data in Tableau from same table e.g. emp using port: 10,500 i.e. llap HiveServer2


  • HDP 3.0 (Hive 3)
  • Tableau Desktop (latest)

Error/ Issue:

  • Run query in Hive (using port: 10,000) then Tableau dashboards (using port: 10,500) doesn't refresh and hangs.
  • Then close hive and refresh Tableau dashboards (using port: 10,500), its refreshes fine but now when run query in hive (using port: 10,000), hive hangs.

Conclusion: Issue is, we are unable to connect with hive and tableau as the same time.

Please advice.


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