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Terms created from atlas v2 java client does not appear in atlas UI

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I am using HDP- and Atlas v0.8.0, Having some problem creating Terms from atlasClientV2 JAVA client.

I am able to create, retrieve and assign it to entity from JAVA client but i am not able to see those listed in Taxonomy section of Atlas UI. Could someone point me out am i missing something.

I have verified the java object's created from both UI and Client i see no problem.

Here is code for same.

MultivaluedMap<String, String> searchParams = new MultivaluedMapImpl();
searchParams.add(SearchFilter.PARAM_NAME, "Catalog.CreatedFromUI");
SearchFilter searchFilter = new SearchFilter(searchParams);

AtlasTypesDef copied = atlasClientV2.getAllTypeDefs(searchFilter); copied.getClassificationDefs().get(0).setName("Catalog.CreatedFromClient"); copied.getClassificationDefs().get(0).setDescription("Trying to clone from Catalog.CreatedFromUI"); copied.getClassificationDefs().get(0).setGuid(null); AtlasTypesDef newOne = atlasClientV2.createAtlasTypeDefs(copied); //Created successfully with 200 and with GUID But unable to see it in Taxonomy under Catalog //Same can be used to assign to entity.