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Test and configure Maven Connectivity on Zeppelin 0.7.3

Test and configure Maven Connectivity on Zeppelin 0.7.3

Hi everyone,

I installed zeppelin 0.7.3 in a HDP 2.5.3 (on premise)

I decided to do that in order to have the latest zeppelin release and support spark and spark2 interpreters simultaneously.

Everything worked except the dependencies of the JDBC interpreter. I am getting the following error: Error setting properties for interpreter 'jdbc.jdbc': Cannot fetch dependencies for org.apache.hive:hive-jdbc:2.0.1

HDP 2.5.3 is installed on SLES 11 and I am not sure if the edge node where Zeppelin is running has internet connectivity.

If I confirm that there no Internet connection, how could I resolve the dependencies? Download them manually and then as local dependencies?

If I have Internet, how could I test the Maven connectivity from Zeppelin and also change it?

I already set some local file dependencies but doing so for future scenarios is not the dream of a developer (see file attached)

I also found the interpreters repositories but I don't know how to see their properties with the user interface (I found them in a json file in the conf directory)

Any comment will be appreciated.

Kind regards,