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Tez-UI, doesn't show DAG ID for a LLAP query

Tez-UI, doesn't show DAG ID for a LLAP query


I'm running HDP 3.1 cluster with a TEZ-UI instance configured separately on Apache Tomcat. Configured everything following this guide. Everything seems to be working fine, however, when launching Hive LLAP queries I'm not seeing generated DAG IDs, and, for example, can't see the error messages after the query crashed. 


Example screenshot:


What additional configuration is necessary for this to work? 



Don't know whether this matters, but in the same manner the LLAP Master monitor (:10502 port) does not register any queries, even though Hive is configured to use LLAP and executors are always active and called (when inspecting nodes at :15002 port), e.g.:


Meanwhile in :15002, LLAP workers are used actively: