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This issue is combination of Hadoop Hive and microstrategy.

This issue is combination of Hadoop Hive and microstrategy.

From microstrategy end, when the create or generate the report it will create the table, insert the data and drop the tables in Hive( separate db hive_temp has been create for microstrategy people and has full access).

But for one report they are getting an error. Below is the error details. When try those same query in hive beeline with UID :sa_hdp_wdsphi_mstr_d its not throwing any error.

Error: SQL Generation Complete

QueryEngine encountered error: Execute Query failed.

Error type: Odbc error. Odbc operation attempted: SQLExecDirect. [S1000:55: on HSTMT] [Hortonworks][HiveODBC] (55) Insert operation is not support for table: HIVE.hive_temp.T1ZPV035XOP000 Connection String: DSN=DirectSourcing_PHI_DEV;UID=sa_hdp_wdsphi_mstr_d;. SQL Statement: insert into hive_temp.T1ZPV035XOP000 values (550, '**********')..

Error in Process method of Component: QueryEngineServer, Project DirectSourcing HNT RPT, Job 629, Error Code= -2147212544.

Any help on this.....!!!!!

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