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Thrift Vs Rest Vs Avro

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Hi everyone,


This is kind of a broader question on which api to select to insert  and retrieve data from hbase.Here is what  my evaluation is based on.


1.Random inserts into hbase.

2.Random reads from hbase though there will also be  cloudera search solr cloud.

3.Java developers available.

4.Performance is  the number 1 criteria and easy of development would next to it.








Re: Thrift Vs Rest Vs Avro

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  1. I  could  also see in CM UI that there is way to manage the thrift and rest servers.Is avro not integrated into cm?.
  2. could also see something called gate way.What function does a gateway do.Is it  a load balancer and what is the ideal configuration if  I have a  hmaster and 4 region servers?
  3. Also I am planning to use hbase liliy indexer for the indexing the hbase data into solr.(which means I would be using morphlines).Does this have some implication in  how the data is stored in hbase(say if I use avro or thrift I cannot use morphlines).