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Timezone mixed on HUE Coordinator Dashboard

Timezone mixed on HUE Coordinator Dashboard

Hi All, 


I am using HUE on CDH 5.10.0 , and I want to use HUE coordinators to schedule a job.


I have already configure the timezone to "Asia/Shanghai" in HUE configuration->HUE(Service-Wide)->time_zone, but the timezone seems still to be mixed on HUE coordinator dashboard, as a result my scheduled job can not start "on time". 


The screenshots are shown in below.


Screenshot from 2017-02-23 15-34-10.png

Screenshot from 2017-02-23 15-33-37.png


As can be seen, the job is scheduled at midnight( 0 : 0 ) everyday in coordinators editors, but the "NEXT MATERIALIZED TIME" shown in coordinators dashboard is "08:00:00". 


It's really confused, could anyone help ? 








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