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To take incremental backup of Hbase

I am looking for the options where we can take incremental backup of HBase data and restore it to another Hbase. I found some options like copyTable and replication, but in theses both the source and target Hbase should be up and running parallely. But my requirement is that while taking backup only source needs to be up. Hbase snapshot is a better approach for taking backup, But it does not seem to be incremental. One solution i think is to use export and import utility, which run a mapreduce job to copy the data to the sequence files. But i am looking for other options, if there are any or can we use something with snapshot to make it incremental?


This is only for HDP, but i am looking for the approach which is supported by both HDP and cloudera.

@Priyanka Jindal This feature is available in apache hbase 2.0 Not sure about the Hbase versions used in cloudera. If not this feature you could go with export and import utility.