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Too Many Evaluations Exceptions from ARIMA fitModel call on Spark TS Library

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I am getting an exception of math3.exception.TooManyEvaluationsException from the spark ts (time series) library during a fitModel call on the ARIMA object; and I am looking for some guidance on why this may be.


fitModel is called with (1, 0, 1, ts) and the ts vector is (28.0,1.0,1.0,27.0,59.0,145.0,93.0,121.0,134.0,112.0,146.0,143.0,182.0,105.0)


I know that is not a lot of samples but it seems odd that I would get an exception when trying to run on such a small vector.


The stack trace says it is coming out of this area of the sparkts module:


Is there something I should check for or another method I could use to produce a forecasted series?





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(I think that practically speaking you'll get a better answer at )

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Thank you.