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Tutorial 830, HDF 3.0.0: SAM topology failed


Made it to STEP 5: DEPLOY SAM TOPOLOGY TO PREPROCESS DATA FOR DRUID SUPERSET, got following error on the Run/Deploy:

Topology could not be deployed successfully: storm deploy command failed with Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: org.eclipse.aether.resolution.DependencyResolutionException: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.apache.storm:storm-kafka-client:jar:, org.apache.storm:storm-hdfs:jar:, org.apache.storm:storm-druid:jar: Could not find artifact org.apache.storm:storm-kafka-client:jar: in central (

Anyone encountered this issue and have suggestions for a correction? All services are up and prior steps completed successfully.


Cloudera Employee

Hi @Dave Welden ,

It appears that the Sandbox is configured with the 452 build of the Streamline components. Which comes into play when you deploy a SAM application. During which it downloads and builds everything. However, that build no longer exists here: which is where it will look for the jars. To update this to build 453 which is available there, you can do the following:

ssh to your HDF Sandbox
cd /usr/hdf/current/streamline/bootstrap/components/

doing this:

grep "0-452" -r *

will show you all the files. You can then update them with this command:

find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/0-452/0-453/g' {} +

You will then need to run


After that, you should be able to deploy your application.


Hi @apsaltis

I ran the above commands to update the bundles, but the deploy is still giving me errors for 452. I went back and reran the grep for 452 and got no hits. Do I need to drop the SAM IOT application and recreate (caching of the old 452 info somewhere)?


Hi @apsaltis

I took the following steps to attempt to resolve this

1. Dropped the Docker container and created a new one from the HDF 3 sandbox image.

2. Before beginning any steps in this tutorial, updated the streamline component jar info to 453 per your directions above.

3. Executed all steps of the tutorial up to Step 5 Deploy SAM Topology.

4. SAM UI appears to be hung. I have the hexagon on screen, with the word LOADING... and left hand side bar grayed out. It has been looping with the loading message for over an hour. All of the services for the tutorial are running.

The only hint I have is that memory usage of the container is high (~98% of the 10GB in use). Given the number of service components involved, it appears that this tutorial is not going to run in my environment.

New Contributor

Not an answer but a question. Where does one get the file that is referenced in this tutorial. I am getting an file not found (404) error when trying to wget the zip file.