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Tutorial Exercise 4


Tutorial Exercise 4

New Contributor

Hello Everyone


i am following the tutorial, and i am stuck at exercise 4, i get this error



Unable to create core [live_logs_shard1_replica1] Caused by: Could not find configName for collection live_logs found:[managedTemplateSecure, predefinedTemplate, predefinedTemplateSecure, managedTemplate, schemalessTemplate, schemalessTemplateSecure].


I am executing the following command


solrctl --zk quickstart:2181/solr collection --create live_logs -s 1



Did anyone came across the same Problem? Hope to hear from yoy.





Re: Tutorial Exercise 4

Cloudera Employee

Hi WhiteMerovingia,


Could you please follow the below steps as mentioned and check whether you are still facing this issue.


Generate the config files for the collection:

solrctl --zk ${ZK}  instancedir --generate $HOME/solr_configs2


Upload the instance directory to ZooKeeper:

solrctl --zk ${ZK} instancedir --create collection1 $HOME/solr_configs2


Create the second collection:

solrctl --zk ${ZK} collection --create collection1 -s 1 -r 2


Verify that the collection is live and that the one shard is served by two hosts.