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UDF auxiliary path on hive


UDF auxiliary path on hive


Hi all,


We want to start using the auxiliary path for JARS on Hive and we have few point that we'll glad to have clarification:

1. Why in CM I can only put the local path on "Hive Auxiliary JARs Directory" and not an HDFS path? so I won't need to copy the JARs to the local dirs of all of our HiveServer2 and Hive CLI servers.


These questions are regarding this procedure (Managing User-Defined Functions (UDFs) with HiveServer2):

2. If I "Copy the JAR file to HDFS and make sure the hive user can access this JAR file." as the procedure says, why I need also copying the Jar to the local dir? Can't HiveServer2 take it from HDFS?

3. Why in HiveMetastore server do I need to create the local folder of the UDF Jars without the actual Jars?

4. If the procedure in "Creating Temporary Functions" not saying to copy the Jars to HDFS why with Sentry the procedure says to "You must also grant privilege to the JAR on HDFS"?


Thanks for the clarification.


Re: UDF auxiliary path on hive


Hi Guys,


Anyone tried this Aux UDF and can help me out with it?



Re: UDF auxiliary path on hive




Can anyone shed light on my questions?



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