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Ubuntu Container LXD vs Physical Hosts

Ubuntu Container LXD vs Physical Hosts

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I wish to ask the following from you guys who could be more knowledgeable than me and I truly appreciate it but not sure if any of you face the same issue as mine. This in fact is my first approach setting up this environment together with my development team of the bigdata.

I have 3 physical hosts of which is ESXi standards spec. Each host came with 24 core CPU, 32GB memory and storage for each host is about 2.6TB

Currently on each host runs 2 containers with Ubuntu LXD and that makes in total of 6 containers. There are 2 namenode containers on 1st host and then the other 2 hosts runs for datanode. Something like this in better descriptions below.

Host 1 = name-node-01 & name-node-02

Host 2 = data-node-01 & data-node-02

Host 3 = data-node-03 & data-node-04

My questions would be as follows:-

1) Is there a concern using ubuntu lxd containers to run hortonworks ambari? FYI, the cluster were setup on name-node-01 on host 1.

2) There were some concern whereby some of the information not available on the ambari dashboard upon login, I did check and google around and apply those fix but it seems not appearing at all and those are memory usage, network usage and cpu usage. It says there "No data available".

The above are just a small part of the concerns, therefore would appreciate maybe if someone here has face the same issue as me or maybe not but can someone advise me on the best approach for this kind of setup? Is there anything we should look after?

Is using lxd containers the best approach or should just focus on the hosts to eliminate the issue i face? Any pros and cons that can be share here? Or is there any guide I can read more in order to tackle this kind of issue?

Thank you and I truly appreciate all the inputs from you guys.