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Udf cannot use the hdfs file in hive on mr

New Contributor

My getGeo udf cannot use the ip mapping file which stored in the hdfs when I use it in the Hive on MR some times.

It only works using the simple sql

select getGeo(ip, 'code') from xxxx;

It will error when using the sql

select a, max(getGeo(ip, 'code')) from xxxx group by a;

It cause the NULLPointException in for (Path p : paths).

public class UDFGetGeo extends UDF {
	private static String filePath = null;
	static {
		String dirPath = "/group/avazu/user/avazu/data/raw_log/ip_geo/";
		Configuration conf = new Configuration();
    	Path inputPath = new Path(dirPath);
    	FileSystem fs = null;
    	FileStatus[] fss = null;
		try {
			fs = FileSystem.get(inputPath.toUri(), conf);
			fss = fs.listStatus(inputPath);
		} catch (Exception e) {
		Path[] paths = FileUtil.stat2Paths(fss);
		for (Path p : paths) {
			try {
			    fs = FileSystem.get(p.toUri(), conf);
			    fss = fs.listStatus(p);
			    if(fss.length > 0) {
			        filePath = p.toString();
			} catch (Exception e) {

Cloudera Employee

@Dylan Wu Can you paste the error stacktrace from hive.log?