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Unable to LoadTsv from hbase in INTRODUCTION TO APACHE HBASE Tutorial Lab1


Hi Guys,

I am following this tutorial:

$>hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.mapreduce.ImportTsv-Dimporttsv.separator=,-Dimporttsv.columns="HBASE_ROW_KEY,events:driverId,events:driverName,events:eventTime,events:eventType,events:latitudeColumn,events:longitudeColumn,events:routeId,events:routeName,events:truckId" driver_dangerous_event hdfs://

While trying to run the above command in hbase shell it get stuck at following line: INFO [main] mapreduce.Job: Running job: job_1485012840284_0025

I am doing this tutorial on Azure Sandbox not sure if I need to change something in the command line above?



Did you verify on the YARN ResourceManager UI that your job was running? It sounds like it was started..

Super Collaborator

It may happen if your YARN cluster has limited resources and they are occupied by other applications. Check the YARN UI for the application status and free resources. Use yarn application -kill appID to remove those that were stuck by some reason.


@Josh Elser @Sergey Soldatov Thanks for getting back on this. I am just starting out really so I am struggling to resolve this. I can see that YARN memory consumption is high but I am not sure how to verify that it is running or where to kill the application? My cluster have around 6.9GB of memory, from the screenshot below I can see that YARN Cluster Memory is 2GB. Should I be increasing this? If so by how much and how to do this?





Should I kill all of these?

For example: yarn application -kill application_1485012840284_0017


Thanks for your time.

"Should I kill all of these? For example: yarn application -kill application_1485012840284_0017"

If you are not expecting them to complete, yes. Kill them.