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Unable to access Nifi UI for the HDF cluster launched with cloudbreak on azure


I have created a HDF cluster in azure using CloudBreak. I am facing the below issue while trying to connect to Nifi UI.


I see that Nifi process is running on VM and netstat shows that process is listen on port 9091 but still I am unable to access the Nifi UI. I would request someone to help resolve the issue.


Nifi access IssueNifi access Issue


Cloudera Employee

Is port 9091 open on the firewall in Azure?



To avoid creating  many firewall rules I suggest you restrict the access to your IP by getting your IP using

The in the azure firewall configuration allow all ports but restricted to  ONLY your IP


That ensures no one else can access the Nifi except from your laptop but if not you will need a site2Site VPN   setup and create an admin subnet that has access to nifi and put all nifi users in that subnet.





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