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Unable to access Yarn UI through browser

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Hi all,


I have installed yarn on a cluster(1-master;3-slaves) through yum. when i am trying to start service (i.e., sudo service hadoop-yarn-resourcemanager start) it is showing as FAILED...Return value 1. Can anyone help me regarding this issue? My another doubt is, can mapreduce(jobtracker+tasktracker) and yarn be installed on same nodes and run any one of them?


Re: Unable to access Yarn UI through browser

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This might be to late, but just in case...


When you are using an install with Cloudera you can choose YARN and MR1 so it is possible to have both installed.

However, about the issue, if you have a start issue, I wonder

- what is your yarn configuration

- did you installed HDFS first? is HDFS working?