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Unable to access a web app running in HDP 2.6.5 Sandbox in Host machine browser.

New Contributor

Hi, I have deployed HDP 2.6.5 sandbox in a oracle virtual box and created an node js app inside the sanbox. I want to browse that app using host(windows) browser using the port on which application is running(http://localhost:3001). I did port forwarding option available but that is not working. In guest(HDP sandboax) machine i am able to see that app is running on the port 3001.


Can anyone  help me identifying any other scenario which can cause here in accessing the application in host browser.


@Rahulm6 It sounds like you are having issues with "localhost" and "" networking.  You should avoid using those values in HDP services.  Aim to use the external IP and an FQDN to avoid the issues with localhost networking.    For example you should use the address with your app port.  


Also make sure you have the right IP address for the sandbox per these instructions:



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Steven @ DFHZ