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Unable to access nifi-api with secure Nifi - stuck and need help


I followed the steps in and . 


With this I can log on with my sys-admin certificate on both Registry and Nifi (CN=sys_admin, OU=NIFI).


Part of my flow uses InvokeHTTP to fetch stats on process groups. Before securing Nifi these worked well, after however I get the following error:
Unknown user with identity 'CN=localhost, OU=NIFI' Contact the system administrator.

When I add the Identity "CN=localhost, OU=NIFI" to my users the error now becomes:
Unable to view Process Group with ID f62246b4-4ac4-390d-1568-0bf6f414a82f. Contact the system administrator.


I've even given this user access to all policies.


My InvokeHTTP:


StandardSSLContextService :


Very appreciative for any help, been stuck on this for days.