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Unable to access the directory while working with STREAMSETS[]


I am trying to read data from the local directory . While validating got these error SPOOLDIR_12 - Directory '/home/amank/data' does not exist . I also created user and Logged In as User ->amank | Assigned Roles -> admin

My local directory have permission -> drwxrwxr-x 2 amank amank 4096 Mar 12 17:36 data and file permission -> -rw-rw-r-- 1 amank amank 41 Mar 12 17:36 a.csv.

Do i need to configure role and group ?


Master Guru
If you suspect permission access issue for the daemon/service user that will try to access your local file, you can get a full-path listing of permissions by using the below nifty command:

namei -l /home/amank/data

Its unclear from the post if the data-collecting software is also running on the same host as where your home directory exists. If this were Flume, this would imply that the Flume Agent you were configuring to use a Spooldir source would have to run on the same host as where that file resides - I guess something similar can be applied to StreamSets, and beyond that is just permission/path correctness to allow full access through.