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Unable to access web client and ssh into 2222

New Contributor
I am facing following issues in HDF 3.0 and because of the issues, I am stuck on lesson 3 of HDF tutorial.
1) I can SSH into ssh root@ 12222 but cannot access webclient -p 14200 
 2) Also unable to access Ambari page http://host:18080
3) I am getting connection refused when I am trying ssh root@ 2222
However I am able to SSH into -p 12222 using root/hadoop
I ran the following command to check the status on port 12222
[root@sandbox-hdf /]# ambari-server status
Using python /usr/bin/python Ambari-server status
Ambari Server running
Found Ambari Server PID: 507 at: /var/run/ambari-server/
[root@sandbox-hdf /]#
HDF3.0 Sandbox is running on Oracle VirtualBox(5.1.22) on 16GB,64bit, Windows7 machine.

New Contributor

Also ss -tnlp | grep :14200 returns that the port is listening

ss -tnlp | grep :2222 returns that the port is not listening

ss -tnlp | grep :18080 returns that the port is not listening

Expert Contributor
@Gagan SinghThe ports are different to the HDP Sandbox. Ambari is on port 9080, please see the tutorial below: