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Unable to add a new service - Config group is missing


I am on HDP cluster 2.6.5

i am trying to add a service and i have always the same issue with any service on any hosts

i can't con figure the new service during the wizard. We can see that the service doesn't belong to a Config Group.

I have only one config group "Default", i had make some tests a few month ago with config groups but i have removed them


When i click on "Manage Config Groups", nothing happens.

If i select an other services i have this warning message "You are changing not default group, please select config group to which you want to save dependent configs from other services"


and below the details


Have you any suggestion ?




You forgot to read this pre-requisite from IBM see TIP !!!!!!

Installing Data Server Manager

If you install Db2 Big SQL before you install the DSM service, you will not see DSM in any selections.

You might have to uninstall BigSQL first


@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

Unfortunatly, it's not the source of the issue, i am in an update process, so DSM installation is after BigSql Upgrade

As i said i have the same issue with any components (like oozie)

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i have the issue onan other cluster where i have two config groups for Yarn

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