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Unable to add the hive service in Ambari

New Contributor

using Ambari 2.7.3 and HDP 3.0 HIve 3.1.2


I dont know why it is not accepting the default values in hive.conf.restricted.list

I dont know what else to change them too



@Denise O Regan

Those values look correct can you click on the show details, see attached screenshot there could be other parameters 109563-hive-issue.png

Please share

New Contributor

showdetails.JPG see attach

Super Mentor

@Denise O Regan

In the following screenshot

What happens when you click on the "Show me properties with issues" link?

Do you see any error in ambari-server.log when opening this wizard?

Also can you share the "Settings" and "Database" tab contents (full screenshot as well?)

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