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Unable to compile Maven Spark in Eclipse using"com.databricks.spark.xml") ---->> "read" on HContext is deprecated

New Contributor

I am ingesting a lot of XML data into Hive using Spark XML jar -->> "spark-xml_2.10-0.3.3.jar". My following "read" works fin ein spark-shell but fails in a Maven compile..."com.databricks.spark.xml").option("rowTag", rootNode).option("attributePrefix", "CF_").option("valueTag", "VALUE").load(fileWithPathName )

This is VERY VERY vital and useful for us going forward!!! Any assistance appreciated!!



New Contributor

In other words the code works fine in spark-shell but does not compile under Maven...


unable to build as JAR ?

New Contributor

Hi, is it because of using deprecated API but Eclipse itself doesn't allow deprecated usage?