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Unable to configure drive into datanode array


Unable to configure drive into datanode array

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Hi.. I am using HDP 2.1.2

I Have 3 data nodes in Dev cluster and one of disk in data node fail so want to replace it..

i have receive below instruction from team

1. Stop the Hadoop services on the node through AMBARI (stop all services).

2. On the node, run "hcli support configureDisk"

3. You will be required to type "yes" at the question about configuring the disk.

4. restart the Hadoop services through AMBARI

But while i am doing Step 2 i got error that

$ hcli support configureDisk

Error: Unable to connect to Ambari on stlts8711:8081: HTTP Error 403: Bad credentials

Can you please help on this...


Re: Unable to configure drive into datanode array


"hcli support configureDisk" seems to be custom command used in your company/environment.

Below are generic steps to add disk -

1. Add disk to the datanode and make sure its reflected in "df -h" and "fdisk -l"

2. Login to Ambari -> Click on "Services"->HDFS->Configs

3. Over here you can see "DataNode directories". Please add with comma separated list of disk here or replace existing value. Pls find screenshot below -




Once added - Save and Restart HDFS.

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