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Unable to connect Eagle with sandbox hive

New Contributor

I have installed eagle in sandbox and have defined Hive and HDFS policies in eagle.

When I execute Hive queries in XADEMO schema from Sandbox Hive admin view , I can see the data output from tables but I was expecting to see some alerts from Eagle for these Hive data access. However,I have no policy alerts .

I think that Eagle is not connected to Sandbox hive.

Is there some special configuration/setting that I need to do to get ambari Hive connected to Eagle in Hive



@san Nagal can you document the steps and post any logs so we could help?

@san Nagal

Eagle is not part of the stack so you would have to provide more information on this. Whats your expectation? Whats in eagle logs?

Looking forward to try it

Please do share details from the logs

@san Nagal Eagle is not part of the stack so it can be hard to provide you exact support. Re: Kafka

It's related to "Make sure that broker is running and port is correct."

We can keep this thread alive and you can share more details on the errors

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dtemplogsfrom-eagle.pdfdtempsanbox-hive-eagle-issue.pdfI have attached screenshots of the steps.

Eagle logs are mostly system related and does not show any error or reflect any info about the hive access.

while the issue is not generating alert in Eagle, I first want to make sure the Sandbox (ambari ) Hive is able to connect eagle service.

@san Nagal Pulling down docker image...thanks for inspiring !!!

New Contributor

I tried to get this working for HDFS policy and it seems that I am receiving error while writing to KAFKA topic.

I am getting "connection Refused" error.

I have a kafka topic 'Sandbox_hdfs_audit_log' and hdfs action events are not logged into this topic. when I view kafka.out , I see

ERROR Exception emitting metrics -

below is the screenshot of error.

your help with this is very much appreciated.


@san Nagal It has to do with kafka port. Make sure that broker is running and port is correct.