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Unable to connect to Sqlserver using Sqoop

Unable to connect to Sqlserver using Sqoop

New Contributor

I am trying to use sqoop to copy a table from local Sql Server. I am on a Windows 10 laptop with VMWare Workstation installed with the sandbox. Everything works fine from Ambari - am sure my sandbox is installed correctly.

Am using the Web client (my_site:4200) for sqoop.

As a test, the "sqoop version" command works fine.

I then tried to run the 'list databases' command in sqoop - before doing the import. I get the following error:

could not load db driver class

I have looked at the suggested solutions by the community.

I downloaded the microsoft jdbc driver jar ("sqljdbc42.jar"). Using WinSCP, I copied to file to the linux directory (as suggested by @Artem Ervits /usr/hdp/current/sqoop-client/lib.

Ran the command again in the shell - same error.

I copied the jar file to the usr/lib/sqoop/lib folder. Got same error.

I understand I have copied the jar file to the linux file system. Don't I have to copy it to a path that hadoop understands. Looking at the folder structure in WinSCP, I cannot make out which folders are being used by hadoop. There was no 'hdp' folder under 'usr' - I created that folder. I am sure I am missing something here.

To be clear, I only have this one VM install with sandbox on my laptop. So WinSCP cannot be showing me a wrong folder tree (am using the WinSCP User Interface to copy the jar). Am attaching an image here showing the WinSCP structure.





Re: Unable to connect to Sqlserver using Sqoop

Hi @Vinay Sikka,

Here are the steps I use to connect to an instance of SQL Server:

Setup SQL Server (Windows)

1. Create SQL Server account hadoop\hadoop

2. Disable shared memory

Configure Hadoop (Linux)

4. Download sql driver to /usr/local.

  curl -L
| tar xz

5. Copy driver to library

  cp sqljdbc_4.0/enu/sqljdbc4.jar /usr/hdp/current/sqoop-server/lib

6. List databases to check connection

sqoop list-databases --connect jdbc:sqlserver://<IP Address>:<Port Number> --username <Username> --password <Password>

EX: sqoop list-databases --connect jdbc:sqlserver:// --username hadoop --password hadoop

7. Import schema

sqoop import --connect "jdbc:sqlserver://<IP Address>;database=<Database Name>;username=<Username>;password=<Password>" --table <Table Name> --hive-import -- --schema <Schema Name>

sqoop import --connect EX:"jdbc:sqlserver://;database=AdventureWorksDW2014;username=hadoop;password=hadoop" --table DimCustomer --hive-import

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