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Unable to connect to two KDCs from NiFi

Unable to connect to two KDCs from NiFi

New Contributor

we are using NiFi to write/read data from Kafka and push that data to HBase. Kafka and HBase are on two different clusters and have two different Kerberos servers. We are facing an issue with connecting to both these systems at the same time. The Default Realm defined in krb5.conf is getting the preference and are able to connect to the system that's defined in default realm. we are giving the full usernames including the kerberos realms, but that's not helping us. Here's the detailed issue -

Kafka realm - ABC.COM

HBase realm -

default_realm specified in krb5.conf -

When trying to use Publish Kakfa with username, we are getting error. On Kafka server, we are seeing an issue with user authentication saying that user is not found.

If we change the default realm to, publish kafka is working fine without any issues, but HBase is getting issues.

If we remove the default realm all together, none of the processors work.

If there any way to get around this default_realm issue?